GP Services

All usual GP services including:
Medical Examinations, Second Opinions, Treatment of infections, Private Prescriptions, Joint Injections,  Counselling, Referral to a wide range of specialists, Referral for XRays, Ultrasound, MRI, CT scans, Blood tests and minor surgery.

The UK has an exceptional NHS Primary Care, but with ten minute appointments and long waiting times, a visit on the NHS can sometimes be frustrating.

GPs would love to spend more time with their patients, but this is often difficult in a packed and pressurised day. Our clinic in Benington aims to allow you space to explore issues that may need a longer appointment, or perhaps you just need to be seen at a time that is more convenient to you.

With a wide range of experience and contacts, referral onwards can be made as appropriate, to a wide range of secondary care specialists. Blood tests, Xrays and Ultrasounds can be rapidly arranged.

Whatever your need, you will be welcomed to our quiet, discrete, rural clinic in the beautiful village of Benington. Our welcoming receptionist will make you feel at home with tea and coffee if required.


Private GP Appointment

Flexible appointments with a highly experienced doctor
No waiting around, and as long as you need.